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Location Services

Diving Log is using the Windows location service, which can obtain your current position using the built-in GPS. The location service is not running automatically, it has to be started by user interaction and is used in two application pages:

The build in maps & navigation page can display your current position on a map and calculate your speed, direction and other navigation data based on the data from the GPS. The location data is not stored on the device or elsewhere, it is only displayed on the map as long as the app is running.

The dive site editor page can retrieve your current position and store the coordinates (latitude and longitude) together with other dive site information you've entered within your logbook database on the Windows device. When you choose to backup your logbook to a cloud service (e.g. Dropbox or Skydrive), the location data will be stored together with your other logbook data on the cloud service or will be synced to your PC.

Any location service must be triggered by user interaction (tapping on a button) and no location data is sent from the device without user interaction. Synchronisation and backup to the cloud has to be started by the user.

You can disable the location service in the Diving Log app settings.


Personal Data

Diving Log does not collect any personal data. At any time you are in control what you enter in your logbook and where you backup or sync this data.


Google Analytics

This website is using Google Analytics for statistical purposes. You can block Google Analytics in your web browser, e.g. with an add-on from Google.