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There are several ways to publish your dives online on a webserver. Here are the easiest ways:

Dilogs.com is an online community for scuba divers. You'll get an online logbook, dive site maps based on Google Maps and Google Earth, and more. Diving Log has a special desktop client application which can access the dilogs database. So you can upload your dive data very easily into your online logbook and search the dive site database and download dive site data into your own logbook. Read more ... Dilogs

Divelogs Divelogs.de is a website where you can register a free online logbook. You can export your dives from Diving Log into the UDCF format and upload them to divelogs.de.

Your online logbook can be private or public and included via iframe into your own website.

phpDivingLog is a PHP and MySQL based open source online logbook which is developed by several Diving Log users.

You can upload your dives either by a SQL dump file or via direct connection to the MySQL server into the internet. A webserver with PHP and MySQL is required.

HTML Export Function

Menu File > Export > Html File

Setup the preferences as you want, start the export and upload the file to a webserver.

Export Function in the print dialog

Menu File > Print > Export

Select in the field "Direct to" the entry HTML Format and upload the files to a webserver. You can also use the PDF Format.