Divemate iOS en divinglog

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Divemate iOS en divinglog

Post by Divingceetje » Mon Jun 10, 2019 14:20

Ik gebruik nu Divemate (met USB) op mijn iPad. Ik zou graag divinglog willen gaan gebruiken en volgens Divemate wordt dit ondersteunt. Ik kan alleen nergens vinden hoe ik mijn duiken vanuit Divemate kan overzetten. En voordat ik €15,- uitgeef voor iets wat ik niet kan gebruiken...
ik gebruik een suunto D4i, deze heeft geen Bluetooth.

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Re: Divemate iOS en divinglog

Post by divinglog » Tue Jun 11, 2019 18:36

I now use Divemate (with USB) on my iPad. I would like to start using divinglog and according to Divemate this is supported. I can only find how I can transfer my dives from Divemate. And before I spend € 15 for something I can't use ...
I use a suunto D4i, it has no Bluetooth.
Hi, I've used Google Translate, I hope your question is translated correctly. It looks like your question is about downloading your Suunto D4i in the iOS Dive Log app, right? I will point Greg from More Mobile Software to this thread. You can import your DiveMate dives into the Windows desktop version of Diving Log and then sync to the Dive Log iOS app. Let us know if we should do this as a one time conversion if you don't have the Windows desktop version.

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Re: Divemate iOS en divinglog

Post by gregm » Tue Jun 11, 2019 19:15

Dive Log on iPad requires an additional accessory to directly download the Suunto D4i via Bluetooth. DiveNav Inc. makes a Bluetooth accessory called the DCbuddy (https://www.divenavstore.com/product/796) that will work with Dive Log on iPad (requires an in-app purchase to enable the DCbuddy support) to directly download the Suunto D4i.

Dive Log on iPad can not import dives directly from DiveMate USB on iPad, but it can import from UDDF (which I believe DiveMate can export). So if you want to continue to import your D4i using DiveMate you should be able to export the dives in UDDF and import them into Dive Log. As Sven mentioned, it is also possible to import a DiveMate USB logbook file using Diving Log 6.0 and export the result to Dive Log on iPad via Wi-Fi or via a cloud service.

Please let us know if you need more details. There are a number of ways to interoperate with DiveMate USB so if the options discussed so far do not meet your needs we can look at other possibilities.



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