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Re: BT Download to Perdix

Post by Froeschlein »

I had it running the last time as mentioned in this thread:

Today, the behavior was quite different, it didn't work either way.
I was in Version 6.0.19 on my laptop with no Shearwater Desktop installed and I was not able to transfer any dives.
An update to 6.0.20 didn't help.

The funny thing is, that I get multiple error codes
  • DC_STATUS_IO something
The only thing I was able to do is to use my desktop PC with Shearwater Desktop installed and import it there.
Afterwards an import from the Shearwater database was possible.

That is so strange... :?:

Best regards,

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Re: BT Download to Perdix

Post by divinglog »

Shearwaters usually talk only to one device, so using (or switching) different PC's and/or phones is mostly the problem and there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to convince Shearwaters to talk to different devices. These are the things that normally work after a few tries:

- Unpairing / re-pairing the Shearwater in the Bluetooth settings
- Trying to download unpaired by using the "Select > Show unpaired devices" function
- Restarting the PC/phone
- Removing the battery from the Shearwater

I know this is very frustrating and I'm even in contact with someone from Shearwater, but this problem seem to affect all 3rd party programs like Diving Log, Subsurface etc. We haven't found out how to get this more reliable and the Windows Bluetooth LE API makes things even worse.
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Re: BT Download to Perdix

Post by Divehead »

For me, I can get my dives to download consistent when I apply the following (not perfect, but definitly working) routine on Windows 10

Start menu: Bluetooth and other devices settings
Select my Perdix and press Delete

Go to start and search for: Device management
Go to the Bluetooth group.

For me: I delete the bottom Microsoft Bluetooth-enumerator first, then the other one. Then Bluetooth Devicde (RFCOMM Protocol TDI), and then Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R).

Then, I restart my laptop.

Then, I launch Diving Log.

Start the importer.

Choose Select.
Check: Search unpaired devices.
Select my Perdix
It's gonna give me an error: DC_STATUS_IO or something
Then press Download

And it starts downloading all my dives.

Works perfect. Always.
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Re: BT Download to Perdix

Post by krobi »

Ha, you made my day !

Followed exactly your instructions. After 2 times it worked for me.

thanks a lot for your investigations.

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Re: BT Download to Perdix

Post by Froeschlein »

For me, a lighter version of Diveheads description worked:
  • unpair Perdix from Windows bluetooth devices list in Windows bluetooth settings
  • open Diving Log
  • set Perdix to Bluetooth mode
  • open "download" menu in Diving Log und "select" the unpaired Perdix
  • an error will occur, ignore it and just hit "download"
  • get a coffee...
The download is really slow that way, but it worked for me without removing bluetooth drivers or devices and restart....
I just had to remove the paired Perdix from the list of recently paired devices, ignore the error and be patient.

Hope that helps :)
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