Filtering on equipment

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Filtering on equipment

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Would it be possible to add filtering on equipment? When I now view the stats and want to see the depths of the dives I made with my rEvo, I have to lookup the equipmentid (23) and then filter on the UsedEquipment columns. This works, however when I want to filter on an equipment item with for example id 2 I get also dives were done with my rEvo.

The best option would be if the equipment items were looked up and I could filter on name. Ano ther option is dividing all equipment items with a comma and also place a comma at the end. This way I could filter on ',2,' so the rEvo with number 23 would not appear.
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Re: Filtering on equipment

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Thanks for the suggestion! This is unfortunately not easy, because of the way the used equipment is stored as a string of ID's, e.g. "2,23,45". So the normal filter method does not work here. There is a "Equipment" node in the tree browser to see dives by equipment item, but this does not help if you want to see statistics instead of dives. Won't be easy to implement.
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