Searching/filtering dives on ISO app

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Searching/filtering dives on ISO app

Post by scubal »

Im a long time user of diving log on both windows and IOS.
I like the IOS cos its convenient (I always have my phone with me) but it seems to have really limited search capabilities.
AM I missing something?

In the IOS app how to I list all dives > 40m
How do I list all dives with deco?

The Windows app has LOTS of ways to search and filter dives - but the mobile app doesnt?

Ive played with the app for hours but cant work it out.
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Re: Searching/filtering dives on ISO app

Post by gregm »

Hi Al,

You are not missing anything. Dive Log on iOS currently has pretty limited filtering capabilities (certainly compared to Diving Log on Windows). The best you can do right now is use the "Statistics" tab and then pick from the second section of the table to see all your dives listed by: Dive Site, City, Country, Buddy, Dive Type, Equipment, Supply Type, Trip, Operators, Marine Life, Months or Years and then drill into the dives organized by those criteria.You can also expand some of the items in the top section to see, for example, your deepest dive or your longest dive.

We do have a long term plan to allow you to create your own criteria for collecting these statistics (so you could specify for example "dives deeper than 40 feet" but that is not something that is currently available. I don't have a concrete date when we might have that feature available but it is on our "to do" list (the priority of which is informed by requests like yours).

Sorry that I don't have a better answer for you at this time.


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