Including List of Wrecks or Weck database

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Including List of Wrecks or Weck database

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is it a good suggestion and might it be possible to include a list of wrecks. These can be filled in by the user. just like divesite, buddy, divecentre, etc is implemented. Using this we can create a database or list of wrecks which can be choosen.
The list itself can contain 'wreck', ' depth', 'location', 'length' , 'year sunk', 'year build', 'comments', picture, etc.

It also automatically gives the possibilty to make an overview of dived wrecks and different kind of statistics and search possibilities. I am using divesite at the moment for this purpose but has of course very limited possibilities.
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Re: Including List of Wrecks or Weck database

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Not sure about this, I think wrecks can be added as normal dive sites, because a wreck is usually a dive site and wreck information could be added to the comments field. I agree that having a specific database table would allow better filtering with year sunk and size, but that's it. And you would have some kind of duplicate, a dive site and a wreck entry for the same dive.

I have to think about this a bit more and maybe other users can join here with their opinion. But I'm a bit reluctant adding additional database tables with detailed data, because this is causing a lot of follow up work (printing, statistics, filtering, smartphone and tablet apps have to be updated, too). So there has to be strong demand to justify this.
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