Unable to synchronize between PC and Android version

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Unable to synchronize between PC and Android version

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I'm able to download my logs from my dive computer into the PC version, where I do a little tweaking on the dives (add location, partner, other tidbits), and then use the Synchronization function to make them available for the Android app.

However, the Android app now seems to be dependent on an XML file that the PC version does not generate nor update. Thus, the Android app doesn't see any updated logs to download.

Furthermore, I've been observing a lot of issues like "missing required parameter refresh_token" or "Expired the number of anonymous requests" and things of that nature - despite me having logged into Drive and Dropbox. I'll get you some screenshots the next time I see them.

For now, I'm curious as to why the sync from PC to phone broke and if/how it can be fixed.

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Re: Unable to synchronize between PC and Android version

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The XML file was always necessary and will be generated if you use the build-in sync functions from the "Web" toolbar menu:


If there are any problems, delete the "Divelog" folder in your cloud drive and upload again from the PC.

You can also sync via USB:


Let me know if you have still problems.
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