elite t3.

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elite t3.

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I ran the test app for my t3 and and am uploading the log. I keep getting random dives with the wrong dates and dive times. A little help please.
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Re: elite t3.

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Jef is currently in vacation, so it may take 2 weeks until he can look at this issue. You can try to download the latest libdivecomputer build and drop it into the Diving Log program folder (make a backup of the original file first). Maybe this issue is already fixed.

If not, you can use the Oceanlog import function to import from the Aeris dive log in the meantime.

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Re: elite t3.

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When running the atom2 test application you need to pass the correct serial port as the only argument. If you start it by double clicking, then it will use COM1 as the default, which is usually not the correct port for usb-serial cables.

If you're not familiar with command line applications, the easiest way to run it is as follows. Start a command prompt, drag-and drop the atom2.exe into it. This should insert the full path to the executable:


Now append a space and the correct name of the serial port (for example COM3):

C:\Users\username>"C:\Users\username\Downloads\atom2.exe" COM3

Hit enter. Once the application has finished send the ATOM2.LOG and ATOM2.DMP files. You can find my email address on the libdivecomputer website.
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