Sync issue on W10 and Iphone

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Sync issue on W10 and Iphone

Post by Snowseal »

Hi guys,

Been using Divelog for years now and I've always loved it.

Last week I built a new PC, installed Divelog like may times before, installed Bonjour, ran Divelog on the Iphone and started the sync...the two buttons comes alive, but no go...Network Error.

1. Yes, the devices are on the same network
2. FW is fully off on the PC
3. Manually added the IP and the port in the dialog box on the PC. Still no go

The PC finds the phone and everything looks ok, but no go, it times out.

It is mentioned somewhere that the software wants to "Pair" with the phone? This dialog has not come up for me, can I force this somehow? Might this be the issue.

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Sync issue on W10 and Iphone

Post by divinglog »

Hi Jesper

Have you installed iTunes from the Microsoft Store? If so, this version does not work for syncing. You have to install Bonjour from the Apple website:

If you have installed Bonjour and it still does not work, try to restart your iPhone and PC. Make also sure that your devices are not connected to the guest WiFi on your router. Try also to unplug your router from the power for one minute.

Kind regards,
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